Member rights and obligations

Generally, the rights of each Member includes:

  • the right to receive an allocation of Première Points corresponding to
  • their level of Membership for each year of Membership except in the
  • case of a Biennial Member who has an allocation every second year;
  • the right to receive a Member Statement;
  • voting rights in accordance with the Constitution;
  • the right to receive a distribution on the winding up of the Club in
  • accordance with the terms of the Constitution; and
  • such further or other rights, licences and obligations as from time to
  • time apply to Members.
  • Members are obliged to:
  • comply with the Corporations Act and the Constitution and
  • Regulations of the Club;
  • pay Club Fees;
  • pay other charges prescribed under the Constitution or Regulations
  • as applicable to the Member on exercise of any rights available to
  • Members including but not limited to charges (if any) in relation to the
  • exercise of Bonus Time Accommodation, External Accommodation
  • and other Personal benefits; and
  • where required pay calls or instalments and to comply with any other
  • relevant conditions relating to partly paid Memberships.