Transfer and transmission of membership

Members are able to transfer their Membership by sale, gift, will
or intestate disposition. While Members are entitled to sell their
Membership, it is important to remember that Accor Vacation Club
Membership is a lifestyle product. Value is derived from taking holidays,
and the longer you own and use your Membership the more value you
receive from the savings on future holiday accommodation costs. It is
not designed to generate a financial return or gain. Accor Vacation Club
is not involved in the resale of Memberships, but the Membership you
receive is transferable and can be sold at any time during the life of the
When a Member applies to transfer a Membership:

  • the Member is required to pay a transfer fee, which is currently AU$300;
  • there cannot be any outstanding amounts owing to the Responsible Entity including Membership Fees;
  • the Member selling and the new Member are responsible for paying any costs and government charges, including without limitation any stamp duty which may be associated with the transfer;
  • he Member must follow the Responsible Entity’s Membership transfer process;
  • the new Member must agree to be bound by the terms of the Constitution and Regulations and sign evidence as reasonably required by the Responsible Entity acknowledging the terms by which they are purchasing the Membership;
  • if the Member selling is subject to a finance agreement of which the Responsible Entity has had prior written notice, the written consent of the financier to the proposed transfer must be provided to the Responsible Entity (which will usually require the Member to discharge their finance obligations);
  • Developer benefits are generally not transferable, unless the Developer expressly agrees;
  • Personal benefits are extinguished on transfer unless the Responsible Entity otherwise determines (except by transmission on death); and
  • any points deposited by the Member with Interval at the time of the transfer will not be transferred upon transfer or transmission of the Membership.

Transfer requests must be made in the form determined by the
Responsible Entity.