Upgrading biennal membership to a membership with an annual allocation entitlement

In the past, the Club has sold Biennial Memberships. Members who have Biennial Memberships may upgrade their Membership to an annual allocation Membership.

Subject to the availability from time to time of Première Points, Biennial Memberships may also be upgraded to a higher Membership level provided they are first upgraded to a full Membership at the same Membership level (i.e a Silver Biennial Membership upgraded to a Silver level Membership entitled to receive an annually recurring allocation of Première Points).

To do so, the Biennial Member must first apply to the Responsible Entity to upgrade their Membership by paying an amount to be advised by the Responsible Entity but which in any event is not to exceed 50% of the then current cost per Première Point applicable to their Membership level multiplied by the Première Points entitlement of that level.