Insomnia Race - Unique Car Based Puzzle Game

Friday, 23rd February 2018 - Friday, 20th December 2019

Insomnia Race is a unique car based team competition full of mind-bending puzzles, tricky challenges and crazy flash mobs. Team up with your friends/colleagues in a team of up to five. One team, one car and two to three hours of action. Crack riddles, drive to secret locations and search for mystery codes competing with other teams. The latest in technology is used extensively in the game. Choose your own strategy, as Melbourne is our playground. Forget one off escape rooms, Insomnia Race is here as an ongoing competition; on selected Fridays there is an entirely new set of challenges to test your mental acuity, orienteering skills, and teamwork. No two events are the same. Your team will need a mix of lateral thinkers, bold daredevils, local guides, and perceptive clue hounds. Who would you put on your team? Held on selected Fridays starting at 8:00pm. Check the dates and book now from the website.


Suburb: North Melbourne

City: North Melbourne

Email: [email protected]