Bonus time accommodation


Sometimes the Club has unused available rooms at Club Property. As an added bonus for Members, when there are unused rooms available, the Club sometimes offers these rooms to Members to purchase at a discounted rate. Members do not use Première Points for Bonus Time Accommodation but instead pay a cash rate.

The charge for Bonus Time Accommodation is calculated using the number of Première Points a Member would need to stay in the particular accommodation at a conversion rate of AUD 16 cents per point or NZD 20.5 cents per point (depending on the location of the unused room). However, the following minimum charges apply to Bonus Time Accommodation:

Figure J – Minimum charges for Bonus Time Accommodation

Figure J - Minimum charges for Bonus Time Accommodation


For example: 
If it cost 2,520 points to stay for three nights mid week in an a two bedroom Australian Club Apartment, then the Bonus Time rate would be AUD$403.20. 

Availability of Bonus Time Accommodation is not guaranteed. Bonus Time Accommodation booking conditions and restrictions are able to be varied by the Responsible Entity. Some of the rules which ordinarily apply to Bonus Time Accommodation include:

  • All Club Fees must be fully paid and up to date at the time of booking;
  • Bookings are for short stays of two, three or four nights only;
  • Bookings are made last minute and reservations by Members for their own stays can only be made up to 14 days before check-in;
  • Reservations by Members for their Guests can only be made up to 5 days before check-in;
  • Only one Bonus Time Accommodation Reservation may be reserved at any one time per Membership;
  • Generally no refunds are permitted on cancellation of Bonus Time Accommodation bookings.