Krondorf - The Crown Village

Our beautiful village is one of the oldest European settlements in the Barossa, and many elements of this pioneer history can still be explored here today. Krondorf translates from the original German as "The Crown Village," so-named because we sit at the base of the Kaiser Stuhl or "The King's Seat" - one of the highest peaks in the Barossa ranges. We are the Crown Village at the base of the Throne. Beautiful. Today Krondorf is a destination of discovery for seekers of great stories, living Barossa heritage, and wines with a genuine connection to place. Many of the seven Cellar Doors in our heritage wine village are beautifully restored original stone buildings. Explore the Meshach Cellar at Grant Burge Wines, the butcher's smokehouse at Krondorf Creek Farm, the original Tschirpig homestead - now home to Rockford Wines - and the stunning formal gardens and delightfully tiny stone tasting room at Moorooroo Park Vineyards. The carefully tended village cemetery is a reflective and beautiful destination. Seek out some of the earliest European gravestones in the Barossa - recorded in the original Deutsch, with carefully carved religious motifs - and the "Tschirpig rose" which has been classified as a National Treasure by the Heritage Rose Register of Australia. We invite you to explore our village and discover your own connection to Krondorf.


City: Krondorf


Phone: 0424 895 309